Moffat: I loved writing for McGann

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paul mcgann doctor who 2013 night of the doctor (2)Ever since Paul McGann made his unforgettable, if short-lived, return in The Night of the Doctor many fans have been clamouring to see more, perhaps in a spin-off or more mini-sodes.

However, despite admitting he loved writing for the 8th Doctor, Steven Moffat appears to have ruled it out from happening.

Moffat says in the new DWM: “Paul McGann is a truly brilliant actor, and he totally gets the Doctor. I loved him, and I loved writing for him. It was an honour and a privilege to provide his final line (and how I paced, trying to think of it.) But it’s time for Doctor Who to get back to what it is, and always must be – one man, one TARDIS, the whole universe.”

He adds: “Remember those eyes in the The Day of the Doctor? The frowning brow, the stare? That stare is blazing at you from the future. The time of Capaldi is coming…”

McGann’s reaction can be found here.