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“Torchwood. Outside the government, beyond the police. Tracking down alien life on earth and arming the human race against the future. The 21st century is when everything changes… and you’ve gotta be ready.”

On the 17th October 2005, the BBC announced a new science-fiction series called Torchwood. A Doctor Who spin-off created by Russell T Davies, and starring recurring Doctor Who character Captain Jack played by John Barrowman.

The high-octane sci-fi thriller follows a team of modern-day investigators as they use alien technology to solve crime both alien and human.

Separate from the Government, outside police jurisdiction and beyond the United Nations, the Torchwood Institute sets its own rules. Based in Cardiff, the Torchwood team delves into the unknown, battling against the impossible in a highly volatile underworld of savage aliens and monsters whilst trying to maintain their everyday lives.


jackCAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS (John Barrowman)
Character Profile: The origins of Torchwood’s team leader, Jack, are obscure and he likes it that way. However, he has vast practical experience of working with aliens and dealing with crisis situations. He has come through a lot of scrapes intact and is unafraid of dangerous situations. In fact, he’s usually ready with a flirtatious quip whatever the threat.

gwenGWEN COOPER (Eve Myles)
Character Profile: A former police officer, Gwen brings procedural skills to the team and a sensitivity that helps them greatly in dealing with victims. She is grounded, straightforward, and very determined, and, in the murky world of Torchwood, she often acts as the team’s conscience. Her ability to coordinate activity has led to her being recognized as the team’s deputy leader.

iantoIANTO JONES (Gareth David-Lloyd)
Character Profile: Ianto deals with all the team’s administrative issues. His knowledge is eclectic, his attention to detail unrivalled and his ability to anticipate the team’s needs before they have arisen is uncanny. He dislikes it when his remarkable efficiency is taken for granted, however, and when required, he is also more than capable of undertaking field work for the team.

owenOWEN HARPER (Burn Gorman)
Character Profile: Owen trained as a medical doctor, but since joining Torchwood has expanded his expertise massively. As well as attending to the team’s emergency medical needs and working on the human victims of alien activity, he has gained much expertise in alien anatomy. He is very confident in his abilities – some would say over-confident – but his commitment to his duty has never been doubted.

Character Profile: The team’s technical expert is quiet but highly intelligent. One of the main purposes of Torchwood is to assess the potential application of alien technology for humanity’s use, and this is Toshiko’s job. She also has a keen understanding of practical physics, which makes her useful as a field agent. She is focused and intensely professional, though sensitive.

rhysRHYS WILLIAMS (Kai Owen)
Character Profile: Rhys is a salt of the earth type who speaks his mind and keeps the Torchwood team grounded in reality, but he has to walk a fine line as he is married to Gwen, and sometimes working with a spouse can pose its own risks.