The Day of the Doctor: Trailer & Extras Details

john-hurt-50th-poster-day-of-the-doctor-landscapeThe British Board of Film Classification has revealed one of the extras for the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

A piece of additional material is intriguingly titled The Last Day and it runs for exactly 3 minutes and 57 seconds. This could be the rumoured minisode.

A new trailer is also listed and this one comes in at 1 minute and 10 seconds long.

Additionally, the certification and length of the The Day of the Doctor has been outed. The special is classified ‘PG’ for containing “mild violence and threat.”

The length of the special itself varies from 76 minutes to 85 minutes. However, Doctor Who TV believes the additional ten minutes are accounted for due to the fact that some screenings will feature extra content. Therefore, the special is 76 minutes and 44 seconds long.

Last week’s cinema details noted that a 10 minute behind-the-scene featurette entitled Behind The Lens would directly follow the special screenings. Although it seemed to imply this was exclusive to US theatres (but also available online following the special)

[Thanks to Keith and Florian]