New companion joining Clara and Capaldi in Series 8?

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day-tom-Tristan-BeintThere’s been persistent rumours that a new male companion will join Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi in Series 8 of Doctor Who. Have we already seen him?

Actor Tristan Beint appeared ever so briefly in The Day of the Doctor as Coal Hill School teacher Tom. He was the one who alerted Clara to the Doctor’s return at the start. Some speculated that he could end up tagging along in the TARDIS in future.

Beint himself is aware of the rumours and has added some fuel to the fire on his Twitter page.

Asked by a follower, he replied: “Are you sure Tom could ever compete with a Time Lord though..? Oho… Keep watching.”

Could he hook up with Clara? “Now, now, spoilers… But #tomwald, like it. Pass that on to Mr Moffat…”