Doctor Who Series 6: Trailer Breakdown

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It’s time to take a much closer look at Doctor Who Series 6 trailer shown at the end of A Christmas Carol.

The first thing to note is the scenes used appear to be taken from the first four episodes of the series, with a heavy focus on the opening two parter set in America.

17th century Cavaliers are looking for the Doctor…

…and Nazis. Both featured in The War Games – a 1969 Doctor Who story, which Series 6 writer Neil Gaiman mentioned in his production notes. So it seems likely both are from his episode (3).

The Doctor: “I’ve been running, faster than I’ve ever run….”

The Doctor running with Idris (Suranne Jones) from episode 3. The Doctor: “Now it’s time for me to stop.”

Men in black burst into the Oval Office.

Pointing guns at the Doctor.

The Doctor: “I’m going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilise; street level maps covering all of Florida…”

“…a pot of coffee; 12 Jammy Dodgers; and a fez!”

“Somewhere different. Somewhere brand new.” That’ll be Utah then.

The Doctor: “I wear a stetson now…”

“…stetsons are cool.”

But serial ‘hattist’ River Song shoots it off.

River: “We’ve been recruited…”

Canton (Mark Sheppard) disobeys the signs and approaches a prisoner in Area 51.

It’s the Doctor all chained up! Nice beard. This suggests the Doctor has been here a while.

River: “You’re going to have to trust us this time.”

River investigates a console room that looks almost identical to the one seen in The Lodger.

The Doctor and Idris on the junk yard planet from episode 3.

An astronaut but not in space, from episode one or two. Apollo 10 and a half? What’s behind the visor?

Amy to the Doctor: “You have to do this and you can’t ask why.”

The Doctor doesn’t seem to like what she’s saying.

Another explosion in the TARDIS?

The writing on the wall behind Amy says “GET OUT”.

The Doctor looks at a strange glowing box in the TARDIS.

Either River is naked or wearing a low cut dress. Is she in The Stormcage prison again and this her latest escape plan?

More Utah and Amy is cornered…

…by men in black.

Rory and Amy run down a strange corridor.

and are seemingly trapped.

A green eyed Ood is in the same corridor.

The creepy dolls from episode 4 confirm the leaked pictures were genuine.

Rory tries to stop a (large) doll from getting in.

Amy screams in horror and has tally marks all over her face.

The Doctor: “My life in your hands, Amelia Pond.”

The Doctor: “You see these eyes? They’re old eyes…”

“…and one thing I can tell you… Monsters are real.”

River also has tally marks on her arms. What are they counting and why do only River and Amy have them? This is from opening two-parter.

Rory turns to see…

A monster that looks like a alien grey in a suit.

Is this our first look at The Silence or something else? Whatever it is, it’s pretty scary.