Moffat: Capaldi Costume Reveal Imminent

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capaldi-time-regenWe’re all still eagerly awaiting the first image of Peter Capaldi in his costume as the Doctor, but with recent filming taking place away from the public there’s been little to go on.

However, it looks as though we could be very, very close now. In an interview first posted on the 26th January, Steven Moffat said it would be “in next few days”. But the quote itself seems to have come from an event taking place on the 20th, meaning it should be imminent, if not overdue!

Speaking about where they were at with filming Moffat said: “We are in our third week, so it’s very early but people have reacted very positively to the news because he’s a very well known actor. Beyond that, we’re off in our bunker making our shows.”

Then asked specifically about when the costume reveal would be, he said: “In the next few days I would think, it’s just the first time we hit daylight with it, and then it will be out.”