The Naked Doctor

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Matt Smith is featured on the cover on the new Radio Times (out today). This isn’t for Doctor Who this time though, but his new BBC drama Christopher and His Kind.

Smith plays writer Christopher Isherwood in the drama that chronicles his formative years in Thirties Berlin.

“He left 1930s England and arrived in Berlin, a place that in comparison was an alien planet,” says Smith.

“There’s this burgeoning doom of Nazism emerging. It feels like there are vampires walking through the city. There are these brown shirts who are becoming more and more prominent and more and more vocal. They’ve started ransacking shops.”

It also stars a couple of other Doctor Who actors – Toby Jones (The Dreamlord) and Lindsay Duncan (Adelaide in The Waters of Mars).

Christopher and His Kind airs this Saturday 19th March at 9:30pm on BBC2.