The Day of the Doctor: Ingrid Oliver on Osgood

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Ingrid Oliver has spoken a little about her guest role as UNIT scientist Osgood in The Day of the Doctor (the one with the Tom Baker scarf!)

Oliver told DWM: “It’s the biggest British show that you can be involved in. My God, It’s exciting. There was a moment on set where David, Matt Smith, and John Hurt were all jumping on a table, being ridiculously brilliant, and I was on camera – I was supposed to be in character – but I was stood there just grinning. I don’t think I’ve ever had that on a job, where I’ve completely forgot I was supposed to be acting!”

She adds: “On my first day, I had to run away from a Zygon. I was like, ‘I don’t know how to gauge this. What, would I do in real life, if there were Zygons?’ I got told to tone it down a little bit, even by Doctor Who standards. [Laughs] But I was genuinely terrified.

Osgood is joined by another UNIT scientist called McGillop, played by actor Jonjo O’Neill: “Our characters work for UNIT, so it’s not like we’re two actors reacting to a Zygon. As UNIT scientists, we’re supposed to know our aliens.”