Tennant Talks Time War

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day-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-(3)-gallifreyDavid Tennant has revealed that the Time War is being “brought up to date” in The Day of the Doctor.

In an interview recorded during filming of the special, Tennant told BBC America: “I suppose the Doctor’s journey has been one of rehabilitation after the Time War that we know so little about that he was a recent refugee from, we assume. And actually I suppose that story in many ways is told and brought up to date by this very special that we’re filming at the moment.”

He adds: “I think one of the clever things that Steven [Moffat]’s done in writing this script is moving the whole Doctor Who legend forward in quite a dramatic and fundamental way, so that it’s not just a sort of get the bunting out and let’s all celebrate – and it’s a bit of that – but it also is a kind of seismic shift in the Doctor’s story. Maybe that’s the proper way to celebrate fifty years – to keep the character moving forward.”

See the video below: