Moffat hints at 12th Doctor, Series 8

Digital Spy interviewed Steven Moffat at Comic-Con and he speaks about the 12th Doctor and Series 8.

The highlights:

  • He reiterates that the search has “barely begun” for the 12th Doctor. Matt’s exit was announced earlier than intended so there’s no rush to announce next Doctor.
  • Moffat absolutely doesn’t rule out an older Doctor. It’s not true that they’re trying to appeal to “a Twilight demographic”.
  • Moffat said the 12th Doctor’s first story will be an easier transition due to having familiar faces around: “This time I’ve made sure we’ve got a bunch of characters around him so that we can have a new Doctor introduced and we can push that Doctor a bit further if you’ve got a familiar world around him.”
  • He hinted Vastra, Jenny and Strax will return in Series 8.
  • Series 8 is well underway: “The scripts [are] coming in, we know what we’re going to do and how it’s going to end, and what it’s building to.”
  • Moffat said he’s not sure if any of the 50th rumours and theories he’s heard are correct. He admired the fake 50th trailer.

There’s also an interview with Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. Matt explains why he’s leaving, Jenna reveals what she will miss most about Matt. Smith says his final story says is a fitting one.