Doctor Cracks It? (Update)

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After a few weeks of obvious visual cues, there were no mysterious cracks in time to be seen in The Time of Angels (not that we’ve spotted after a couple of viewings). But the ‘next time’ trailer certainly hints we’re going to get a fairly big development in Flesh and Stone next weekend.

Dialogue from the trailer –

Amy: “That’s like the crack from my bedroom wall when I was a little girl”.
Doctor: “That’s extremely, very not good!”

Although The Doctor had his suspicions at the end of Victory the Daleks, at least he will finally realise that something much bigger is going on that connects back to the crack in Amy’s room.

We didn’t expect any significant progression in the story arc this early, so it will be interesting to see where Steven Moffat goes with this. And as if the episode wasn’t exciting enough!

Update: Digital Spy have reported “The crack. We finally learn what it is and what it wants.”