50th Anniversary Trailer: Who did you miss?

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Ahead of Doctor Who TV’s full trailer breakdown, guest contributor Ross Whyatt gives a quick summary.


After months of frustration and disappointment, at twenty-past-eight yesterday evening UK time, we were finally given a trailer to build up the anticipation. If you remember back in as early as June this year, vocal fans were throwing their “disgust” on forums complaining that Doctor Who was “letting down its fans” for not providing them with a trailer then. Even the trailer we have now been granted doesn’t (or so we think) include any actual footage from the upcoming special, The Day of the Doctor. This still seems to frustrate some people…

It has admittedly taken some time for the BBC to give the fans what we want. A few weeks ago, hype began building over two teaser videos that were shown to help advertise the 50th. These were below par, and frankly, we would’ve been better off without them. One told us the date of the anniversary (which we already knew) and the other gave us the Twitter hash tag (which most didn’t really care about). It was almost like the Beeb were using it as a way to make fun of themselves for giving us such a dire build up.

We were however shown an intriguing and quite excellent poster for the 50th and this began to give us some hope that the BBC do care about one of their longest running shows. Of course some cynical fans complained that “Rose wasn’t there” or “it was a disgrace the show wasn’t honouring the past” . Do bear in mind, this is all before we have even seen the special. But the poster did give us things to question and something to actually look forward to.

Yesterday, I think the BBC really proved this will be an occasion to remember. If this trailer was extended over 90 minutes and titled “The Day of the Doctor”, I would be satisfied. I very much doubt that is what the producers are planning! However, that was a true taste of remembering Doctor Who for what it is and has been. Let’s hope the actual special lives up to these expectations. But did you catch everything? I found myself watching this trailer four or five times and still spotting extra little references from the show’s history.


We start as the show did, in a warehouse behind the doors of 76 Totters Lane. We see William Hartnell in glorious colour and it looks scarily as if it is a freshly filmed scene. Instantly, our minds start racing asking “how the hell did they do that”? But did you notice the Eleventh Doctor’s fez, the Tenth Doctor’s sonic and the Master’s fob watch? What about the Roboform head or the Clockwork Droids’ mask from David Tennant’s era?


We get closer to the First Doctor and pass a floating TARDIS key and possibly River Song’s cot? Take your pick at what you might see scattered at the back. At first glimpse, I thought possibly a gas mask zombie but at closer glance, maybe not.


A classic version of a Dalek then exterminates someone UNIT related before we are taken briefly to a recorder playing Second Doctor. After seeing his sonic screwdriver, we are then whisked up what seems like a tower block to be faced with the slow-mo falling Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, who has unfortunately dropped his jelly babies all over this anti-gravity area. After a brief glimpse at his sonic and hat, we are taken up again past a steel bar which has written on it “No More”. Whatever could this mean?


Next, is what really made this trailer special, for me. Seeing Sarah Jane and K9 together again almost brought a tear to my eye but did you watch again to see more? Look carefully and you might see a Sea Devil – this spot I was extremely proud of finding. We also encounter classic Cybermen and Daleks, and hovering next to Big Ben looks either like the spaceship from “Aliens of London” or a Dalek battle ship? You decide.


Through Sarah Jane’s crystal ball, we see the Third Doctor and the Master at sword point. Gazing through at them is a smiling Clara Oswald whose infamous leaf blows past her.


Then a Weeping Angel, a D84 robot, a Silent, an Ice Warrior, Ood, a newer Dalek and the Empress of the Racnoss are the enemies I spot. The number 17162311, refers to the time and date of the first ever episode.


I can guarantee every single Doctor up to Eleven is featured in this trailer. Sylvester McCoy’s hat and umbrella stick make an appearance, as does Peter Davison and his well known cricket ball. Admit it, the back of Colin Baker is better than no Colin Baker. Even, Paul McGann hides behind Rose Tyler as Bessie drives past behind him.


I’ve no idea who the back of this man facing Tennant is. As the camera swishes past Tennant and towards Smith, the London Shard and the Golden Gate bridge form the backdrop to this canyon looking location. Is this a clue to the plot or perhaps just to symbolise the simulcast broadcast across the world? A final shot of Matt Smith talking to camera as sonic pens, laser screwdrivers and every gadget known to Time Lord float around him.


I may have missed a couple of things, but after glancing at each frame of this trailer more than a few times, these were the conclusions I have drawn. In my opinion, this is a fantastic trailer that really shows how proud Doctor Who has become of its legacy. What more could you ask for?

Please supply your thoughts below and also let me know if I’ve missed anything important.