Why Does the TARDIS Dislike Clara? Moffat Teases Answers

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Now it all makes sense!

Steven Moffat has hinted that there will be will further developments on why the TARDIS dislikes Clara.

Responding to a reader question on the subject in DWM, Moffat said: “As the Type 40 bad girl made clear in The Doctor’s Wife, she doesn’t like him bringing home strays. The TARDIS, as we know, likes to fire her pet Time Lord at interesting moments in history and watch the fireworks. Anyone less mad than the Doctor might have noticed by now the TARDIS navigation always works perfectly when the crisis demands, but never when he fancies lunch, or tea and biscuits at the Eye of Orion.

“Now those pesky humans who keep following him home are usually content to stumble about, saying: “It’s bigger on the inside.” and remain sufficiently in awe of the Police Box magic never to question it. But clever, sceptical, hard-to-impress Clara might just cause trouble.”

Not being able to resist a tease Moffat concludes: “It’s almost like it’s all building to something… Oh! What’s this I’m writing today?”

[Thanks to Finlay]