Two-Part Finale for Series 8

capaldi-series-8-gBased on filming it has seemed like there will be no two-parters in Series 8 of Doctor Who.

All the episodes that have been shot so far look to be standalone with different writers, stories and settings for each. However, there may still be hope for the finale.

It has been rumoured for a while that the grand finale will buck the trend and be a two-parter written by Steven Moffat. Possibly validating this is a Tweet from the apparent Twitter account of director Rachel Talalay, who hit the news earlier in the week.

The Twitter account is new and unverified, but if genuine she tweeted, “…Can’t believe it myself. taking lame-o selfies in the tardis. it’s finale. 2-parter. rest is top secret.”

So if anyone is missing longer stories, at least there may be something to look forward to at the end.

The original account has since been deleted. However, Doctor Who’s brand manager Edward Russell confirmed the account was real.

UPDATE: A new interview with Talalay reports that she will be directing the 11th and 12th episodes of the series. This corroborates earlier reports that the series has had a slight episode reduction with the 13th instalment becoming the Christmas special.

No spoilers are revealed, naturally, but Talalay speaks about how she is approaching her episodes: “Every episode of Doctor Who is like a mini-feature and they’re all completely different. They’re massive. I’m so excited to get to work with the show. When watch them, I just think, “This is so creative, this is so out there.” It fits into my kind of out-there, pushing-the-envelope, trying to give the audience something to grab on to… I don’t approach it in terms of, “What am I bringing that’s different?” I’m approaching it in terms of, “How the hell do you do this?!” It’s so hard! It’s so big and so hard and so ambitious. When you’re working with a wonderful script, you just think, “How to I tell this story beautifully and blow away the audience?””