The Woman Who Lived: Hints & Teasers (Set #1)

DWTV brings you our first set of hints and teasers for the sixth episode of Series 9, The Woman Who Lived. Join us on Friday for the second set.

the woman who live promo pics (16)

  • Opening line: “Stand and deliver”
  • Yes they’re back and now they can light candles
  • “Never have this trouble with Clara”
  • Robot of Sherwood is referenced twice
  • “You don’t forget the man who saved your life”
  • The Doctor might bump into Santa, or Eleven in here
  • “How many people have you killed?”
  • Ashildr is a witch, but not familiar
  • “I’ve been following it across the galaxy”
  • Who caused the Great Fire of London?
  • “What happened to the second immortality chip?”
  • “He has no idea about what we intend to do with it”