Smith on Multiple Doctor 50th

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doctors-feet-50thMatt Smith has said that he would have been disappointed if there wasn’t a multi-Doctor story for 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

Smith told SciFiNow magazine: “I think it would have been disappointing not to have another Doctor back.

“I’m really pleased there’s a couple of Doctors in it because I think that’s really important for the 50th and the fans to have more bang for their buck, as it were.

He adds: “It’s a multiple Doctor story with two Doctors. It’s just a very interesting idea, that he meets himself and is sort of disapproving! They get on quite well as well – it sort of ebbs and flows quite madly as any Doctor Who does.

“When you start these things you don’t really know how it’s going to be, but we get on brilliantly well, me and Dave.

“I think having the meeting of Doctors sort of sprinkles a bit of fairy dust on it, you know? Even for the crew and everyone, just seeing the costumes next to each other, seeing the Converse and the bow tie… it’s kind of cool.”