McGann: “We can always come back”

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Paul McGann may have ruled out an appearance in the 50th anniversary special many times now, but he is still hopeful the Eighth Doctor will return to our TV screens one day.

Speaking about The Day of the Doctor, McGann told Flicks and the City: “I was a bit dismayed because I always wanted to be in a 3D anything -- even like Jaws 3D! I’d love to have been in any old rubbish. So I was bit gutted when I heard that’s what it was going to be like.

“There’s no McCoy… there’s no, you know… we’re not in it. Nor are we in the Christmas special let me tell you. I don’t think so anyway! Not unless they are going to shoot it next week.”

He adds: “There’s all kind of rumours and counter-rumours and everything doing the rounds. One gets tired trying to refute things on Twitter and the like. Take it from me, I’m not in it.”

However, he is keeping the door open for a return one day: “The thing about Doctor Who of course is that if not now, then maybe some other time. That’s the beauty of it. We can always come back.”

He also gave some thoughts on Capaldi’s casting: “I think it’s in great hands… and hopefully he’ll swear like a trooper, like Malcolm Tucker!”

See the full interview below.