“Demons of the Punjab” Teasers

Clint Hassell brings you hints and teasers for the sixth episode of Series 11.

Note: Doctor Who TV’s pre-air teasers aim to be as detail-free as we reasonably can, but as everyone’s spoiler sensibilities are different, we advise you read on at your own discretion.

Less mo***er of the week, more mo***er of the week.

  • 1. A stack of letters, a pressed flower, a broken watch
  • 2. “Don’t read the filthy bits.”
  • 3. Line most likely to spawn a Big Finish audio: “I have apologized for the death-eyed turtle army. Profusely.”
  • 4. Graham admits the real reason he’s continued to travel with the Doctor: to be *****ted.
  • 5. The Doctor again awards “points” . . . sorta.
  • 6. “Oil, water, tree bark, a sauce pan, nine containers, an old newspaper, a touch of ox spit, a chicken poo, and a biscuit.”
  • 7. Someone takes “a bit of a shine” to Graham.
  • 8. Second best line: “I never did this when I was a man!”
  • 9. Telepathic circuit! Transmat! Einstein! shopping, catching a movie, bowling
  • 10. She’s not just pushing boundaries, she’s eliminating borders!
  • 11. “Manish, will you let me f*** you?”