Capaldi: “I’m 1,995 years too young for the part”

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capaldi-moffat-2013Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat have said that the actor playing the Doctor can never be old enough.

Moffat told the Press Association: “The Doctor’s thousands of years old, they’ve never been able to find an actor old enough to play him!”

Capaldi concurred: “I’m 1,995 years too young for the part, really. So I think he’s going to be quite happy to look his age at last!”

In response to the obligatory favourite Doctor question, Capaldi replied: “All of them, I love them all, they’re brilliant. They are just one, they’re all of those actors and they’re all a delight, I think they’re all fabulous. I’m lucky to have them in my DNA because I’ve watched it from the year dot, so they’re great.”

Speaking about his debut scene in the Christmas special, Capaldi said: “I haven’t seen it, so I’m looking forward to my reaction. My family are all coming over to watch Matt Smith turning into me which will be interesting.”

See a clip below.