BBC News Sparks Upset Over Controversial Statement on Capaldi

A BBC News article (screenshot) has caused controversy amongst the Doctor Who fanbase this week following an article where the reporter stated that Peter Capaldi wasn’t “universally loved” as the 12th Doctor.

The quote in question came during the BBC’s coverage of Monday’s Sheffield launch event for Series 11 under the heading “How will the first female Doctor shake things up?”.

Ian Youngs, Entertainment and Arts Reporter at BBC News wrote:

“Whittaker can do drama, as we’ve seen from Broadchurch and Trust Me. Her interviews have shown that she has a quirky side that all Doctors seem to require. And the trailer suggests she’ll have no trouble in whisking us on an adventure.

And what a great way to refresh a franchise, especially after four years of Peter Capaldi, who certainly wasn’t universally loved.”

Youngs later attempted to clarify his position when some fans expressed their dismay on Twitter:

The statement comes just weeks after the current BBC Controller contentiously claimed that the “Daffiness” and “Idiosyncrasy” would be excised from the 13th Doctor.

Some fans have found what appears to be a current marketing trend of dismissing the past to promote the new as disrespectful to the show’s legacy.

It wasn’t just fans upset though, even Nicola Bryant (classic era companion Peri) got involved: