50th Anniversary Special will be Explosive

daleks-50th-anniversary-cNicholas Briggs, AKA the voice of the Daleks, has promised some of the most explosive action ever in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special.

Speaking to ZoneOneRadio about filming the Dalek scenes, he said: “There were some big, big explosions. The biggest explosions I’ve ever seen on Doctor Who when they were shooting the bits with the Daleks. And I suddenly got a feeling of what it might be like to be in a warzone!”

He adds: “The set-ups with the Daleks are the most spectacular, ambitious set-ups I’ve ever worked on on Doctor Who. It was like being in a huge movie. It was enormous. There was rubble everywhere!”

This ties in with the more recently released pictures showing the Daleks in what many are speculating are scenes from the Time War.