Who Mysteries: What Happened to the Kovarian Chapter?

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Doctor-Who--Wedding-of-River-Song-trailer--(3)One of the loose ends not fully addressed in The Time of the Doctor was, what happened to the villainous Madame Kovarian played by Frances Barber?

We knew that Kovarian’s Chapter “broke away” from the Church and attempted to prevent the 11th Doctor reaching Trenzalore by killing him earlier in his timeline. They, of course, failed and Kovarian met her demise in The Wedding of River Song. However, this occurred in an aborted timeline, so what fate befell them in the current timeline?

Steven Moffat is posed the question in the latest issue of DWM and explains that the Chapter is definitely still out there and they could return, although it might not be for a while.

He says: “Kovarian, logically, is still alive. The whereabouts remain a terrible mystery. Will she return to menace the Doctor again? Will she ever resume her once happy marriage with Tasha Lem (just a thought, but imagine the domestics!). Perhaps.”

He adds: “But let’s be honest: if Amy Pond, River Song, and a two-thousand-year-old Centurian who blows up Cyber fleets for emphasis were all pissed off with you at once, you might stay quiet for a bit.”