The Zygon Invasion: Hints & Teasers (Set #2)

DWTV brings you our second set of hints and teasers for the seventh episode of Series 9, The Zygon Invasion.


  • Clara must have been really board to know that
  • “Those were the old rules”
  • 127 missed calls
  • “Rescuing you, in quite a dashing way I might add”
  • Scared of lifts? You will be
  • “I don’t answer that question”
  • Who knew a teddy bear could cause such tension
  • “We have a 30-minute window before the airstrike”
  • You finally learn where the question marks went to, and it’s brief but shocking
  • “Do you know what? I’m enjoying this”
  • It’s mentioned again
  • “Kill the traitors”