Smith’s Hairbrained Idea for his Final Episode

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matt-smith-doctor-who-live-next-doctorOne of the key reasons fans have been speculating that Matt Smith may have already filmed his regeneration on Doctor Who is the odd timing of his buzzcut.

Quizzed on the subject, Smith remains adamant that he’ll be back to shoot the Christmas episode next month, and he has some ideas on how Steven Moffat could approach the hairy issue.

He told Wenn: “The coif will be there for the finale in some way, shape, or form, but I think it could be quite funny to have the bald hair. I think you could have, like, that Macaulay Culkin scene in Home Alone when he, like, slaps on the aftershave – I think the Doctor could sort of wake up and be like, ‘Ah!’

“I’m sure Steven will come up with something. He’ll come up with something clever.”