More Details on Series 9’s First Four Episodes


The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#491) contains some new details on the first four episodes of Series 9. Below are some highlights courtesy of The Finn.

Note: The following are less spoilery than the Radio Time’s previews, but if you are attempting to go into the series truly blind, then it is still recommended you don’t read any further.

Moffat general tease of this year’s line-up:

”Saturday 19 September, it all begins again. There will be Daleks, and Zygons, and the Mire, and there might just be something in your eye, and have you ever found yourself in a street you never saw before and can never find again, and how can a young girl be a tidal wave, and which of Missy’s stories is a lie (pay attention), and just how far would the Doctor go for someone he loves, and why do only some people become ghosts, and what’s in the boxes, and what happens when your life is longer than your memory, and most importantly, how many seconds are in eternity. Answers soon. Some of them may break your heart…”

The Magician’s Apprentice & The Witch’s Familiar

Spoiler: show

Under the Lake & Before the Flood

Spoiler: show

Be sure to read the full in-depth previews in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out now.