Moffat Teases “Major Foe” For Series 8

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moffat-tardis-aSteven Moffat has teased that a “major foe” will be back in Series 8.

Speaking in a BBC interview he said: “We’ve got some cracking new monsters – the Teller. And we’ve got some cracking old monsters – the Daleks will be back. Another major foe will be making a return, but more of that later.”

Of course he could be referring to the Cybermen, but they were officially announced so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Start your Master, Rani, Omega, Kandy Man speculation now!

Moffat also teased: “We’re going to see what haunts the Doctor…”

See the full interview below, which also features Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi talking about what’s to come.