Moffat on McGann Spin-off & Future Minisodes

paul-mcgann-2013-night-of-the-doctor-openingSteven Moffat has said he thinks a Paul McGann spin-off is unlikely, but the success of The Night of the Doctor will lead to more minisodes in future.

Speaking to Flicks and the City, Moffat said: “You know what’s really important with The Night of the Doctor? It’s not that it was Paul McGann – brilliant as he was – it’s that you had a bloody surprise! You know back in the day we used to do those! …And i’d like to do that again.

“I think this will usher in not so much a Paul McGann mini-series but usher in more minisodes, and I think we should take them more seriously than we used to. Night was the first one we’ve actually said, ‘Let’s make a high production value belter and let’s give them a surprise!'”

He teased: “You can count on us doing something like that again, but we won’t tell you when! I’ve actually told the BBC, ‘if we do it again we’re doing it in Cardiff and we’re not even telling you what we’re doing and we’ll give you it on the day…'”