McGann & Colin Baker on Minisode, Regeneration Limit

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Paul McGann has spoken about returning for The Night of the Doctor and gave some thoughts on the regeneration limit now that another one has been used up.

Asked if he thought it meant the end was nigh for Doctor Who, he told Flicks and the City: “Are you crazy!? They’ll simply move the goal posts.”

McGann also talks about spoiler leaks and how hard it was to keep the mini episode a secret, how he’s definitely not in the 50th Anniversary special, the audios being part of the Doctor Who canon, his thoughts on his new costume, his future plans and more.

See the full interview below:

In another interview at the same event, Colin Baker weighed in on the regeneration issue: “He’s a time traveller! He can do what he likes. He can travel back and change the rules. I don’t think anyone is going to be too worried about the 12 regenerations. I think with the Master it has been established already he had extra regenerations, so if he can do it I’m sure the Doctor can.”

See the full interview below: