Matt’s final performance is contender for best ever

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art-smith-regenerate-11With all the big news from the 50th anniversary celebrations of late it’s easy to forget that only next month we will have to say farewell to Matt Smith in the Christmas special.

Steven Moffat has spoken a little about Smith’s swansong and promised a “mind-blowing” performance.

Moffat told DWM: “Matt’s last one is tremendous. It’s a terrific episode, and Matt’s performance in it is mind-blowingly good. It’s the best one he’s ever done, and a contender for the best performance ever by anyone as the Doctor. Absolutely sensational. His final performance, and it’s absolutely knockout.”

He adds: “Of course, at the end of it, we’ve got a new Doctor. Peter has already been in to do his first scene… I’m writing Peter’s first episode right now, and the scripts for his first season are coming in.”