Series 11, Episode 9 “It Takes You Away” Teasers

Clint Hassell brings you hints and teasers for the ninth episode of Series 11.

Note: Doctor Who TV’s pre-air teasers aim to be as detail-free as we reasonably can, but as everyone’s spoiler sensibilities are different, we advise you read on at your own discretion.

4 is the best foreshadowing ever.

A couple of weeks ago, a reader commented that their favorite teasers were the ones where my personal excitement and enthusiasm for an episode was evident. So, before we get on with the normal list of teasers, let me just say – – seriously – – do not miss this episode. Do not wait until Monday. Do not wait until it repeats on iPlayer. You wouldn’t believe me if I explained why, so, just trust me: “It Takes You Away” is different, and special, and everyone will be talking about it.

OK, on with the normal shenanigans:

  • 1. Wait, did she just say that the Woolly Rebellion was going to be an “udder bloodbath”? Because that’s actually hilarious. (It’s coming and ewe better be afraid!)
  • 2. So, the Doctor says, “Three locks, on a deserted house, in the middle of nowhere” . . . and then Ryan says arguably the most sensible thing a companion has ever uttered in the show’s history.
  • 3. A tiny bit of continuity from “Rosa” gets addressed. It’s minor, but it’s a really funny moment.
  • 4. “I wasn’t ‘lured.’ It’s not like I gave it credit card details.”
  • 5. Hardest gut-punch (in an episode full of them): the “map of the house” the Doctor draws in chalk.
  • 6. “Let him go, because you do not want those words to be your last ones.”
  • 7. The “sonic Swiss Army knife” gets yet another moniker.
  • 8. Number of times this episode made me gasp out loud: four. Number of times I cried: three.
  • 9. I take that back – – the most sensible thing ever uttered by a companion may be: “I’m going to hit him.” “No, you’re not. I am.”
  • 10. Zygons!
  • 11. Want a difficult one? “117.590   532.330.651.287.22.532   925.330.651.477.35   22.330.117.287.70   782.117.590.92.330.651.590   247.35.”
  • 12. Strangely, not a quote from the Doctor: “Reverse the polarity.”
  • 13. For long-time readers who know me, the list is now: “It Takes You Away,” “Listen,” “Kerblam!,” “The End of the World.” Have I made myself clear?