Gillan & Darvill Mime Series 6 Spoiler

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In a funny new video interview with SFX, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill were asked to mime their favourite scene from the remaining 6 episodes of Series 6.

Best guesses in the comments!

SFX also posted some preview teasers for Let’s Kill Hitler. Here a some of them:

  • “Let’s Kill Hitler” is a dense, surprising, unpredictable, bonkers maelstrom of random ideas with so many standout moments it’s hard to believe it’s not a two parter
  • On the other hand, it may have worked better as a two parter, because one or two important plot elements seems to come to rather rapid conclusions. Indeed one could have been strung out into a season-long arc plot in itself
  • It certainly isn’t quite the episode you’d expect following “A Good Man Goes To War”
  • The excuse for trying to kill Hitler comes from a totally unexpected source
  • Someone unexpected appears in the teaser who we may get to know quite well, it seems
  • It’s very, very funny. Despite having a few massively dramatic moments, mostly it’s the comedy that’ll linger in the memory
  • Some inspiration for the plot seems to have come from The Beano
  • Someone gets to take a good look at themselves
  • There are some surprise cameos from…
  • Someone shocks some soldiers with some very liberal attitudes
  • The solution to one problem is pure RTD
  • There are lots of women – and men – in underwear at one point
  • The banana agenda is back

Read a few more here.