Face the Raven: Hints & Teasers (Set #1)

DWTV brings you our first set of hints and teasers for the tenth episode of Series 9, Face the Raven. Join us on Friday for the second set.


  • Opening line: “I told you it would work”
  • The Doctor’s new look needs no introduction
  • “Still saving the world from me then”
  • Don’t read too much into it, but something from Under the Lake returns
  • “You flooded his brain with Retcon”
  • Kids, remember 82
  • “I want your personal guarantee that you will not endanger another”
  • They’re not just street lamps
  • “Flee across all of time and all of the universe and it will still find you”
  • Good cop, bad cop
  • “At least give him a merciful death!”
  • “You really think I could lose you now?”