Eccleston on 50th Anniversary

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Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is still a couple of years away, but rumours of a multi-Doctor story have been doing the rounds for a while now.

David Tennant has previously hinted at the 10th Doctor returning, but Christopher Eccelston seems pretty adamant that the 9th won’t be back. Asked if he would return for the anniversary in an interview with Graham Norton on Radio 2, Eccleston replied, “No, never bathe in the same river twice.”

“My intention was to make the show a success so that the next few series could follow, but I’d done what I wanted to do.”

Eccleston also added that he thought The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances (written by Steven Moffat) were the best episodes of his series.

You can listen to it in the clip below.

Who and what would you like to see in the 50th anniversary?