Domhnall Gleeson Rubbishes 12th Doctor Rumours

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Ginger and a bow tie!

Domhnall Gleeson was one of the names circulating last week to be revealed as the next Doctor. However, much like recent comments from Dominic Cooper, he claims they are nothing more than rumours.

He told RTÉ TEN: “There’s nothing to [it]. I heard about it from my agent [who] sent me a website, [and was] laughing about the fact that people were saying that I was being talked about. I was like, ‘That’s lovely: my own agent is laughing at the idea!’.”

He continued: “So, it’s not true and there’s nothing you can do about people just spouting a whole load of ***** on the internet!”

He added: “It’s a great series. Matt Smith’s a fantastic actor. David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston – all the guys are amazing. So it was a lovely thought, but it’s not true.”

Meanwhile, Dominic Cooper was on This Morning today and said: “I would definitely consider [the role]… it would be very, very scary… But, of course, it’s an incredible show – you couldn’t possibly not consider it.”