Doctor Who Series 10 (2017) UK Ratings Accumulator

Doctor Who’s UK television ratings in 2017. This post will be updated each week throughout the run.

Quick Guide

(O) Overnight TV ratings only include those who watched it live and those who recorded and watched it later that night.

(C) Consolidated TV ratings includes those who recorded and watched within a week, making them a more accurate measure of how many were watching.

(L+) Live Plus counts those who watched live and all repeats, including iPlayer, within 28 days following broadcast.

(AI) Audience Appreciation Index is a score out of 100 which is used as an indicator of the public’s appreciation for a show. Over 90 is considered exceptional, 85 or over is excellent, 60 or less is poor, and less than 55 is very poor.

2017 Ratings

  • The Pilot 4.64m (O) 6.68m (C) 7.24m (L+) 83 (AI)
  • Smile 4.25m (O) 5.98m (C) 6.45m (L+) 83 (AI)
  • Thin Ice 3.76m (O) 5.61m (C) 5.87m (L+) 84 (AI)
  • Knock Knock 4.32m (O) 5.73m (C) 6.2m (L+) 83 (AI)
  • Oxygen 3.57m (O) 5.27m (C) 5.85m (L+) 83 (AI)
  • Extremis 4.16m (O) 5.53m (C) 5.97m (L+) 82 (AI)
  • The Pyramid at the End of the World 4.01m (O) 5.79m (C) 6.16m (L+) 82 (AI)
  • The Lie of the Land 3.01m (O) 4.82m (C) 5.29m (L+) 82 (AI)
  • Empress of Mars 3.58m (O) 5.02m (C) 5.54m (L+) 83 (AI)
  • The Eaters of Light 2.89m (O) 4.73m (C) 5.12m (L+) 81 (AI)
  • World Enough and Time 3.37m (O) 5.0m (C) 5.3m (L+) 85 (AI)
  • The Doctor Falls 3.75m (O) 5.29m (C) 5.6m (L+) 83 (AI)
The Pilot4.64m 6.68m7.24m83
Thin Ice3.76m5.61m5.87m84
Knock Knock4.32m5.73m6.2m83
The Pyramid at the End of the World4.01m5.79m6.16m82
The Lie of the Land3.01m4.82m5.29m82
Empress of Mars3.58m5.02m5.54m83
The Eaters of Light2.89m4.73m5.12m81
World Enough and Time3.37m5.0m5.3m85
The Doctor Falls3.75m5.29m 5.6m83

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