Deep Breath UK Ratings

Doctor Who: Series 8: Episode 1Deep Breath was watched by 6.8. million (a 32.5% audience share) viewers in the UK on BBC1 last night, according to early overnight viewing figures.

The overnight figures are early estimates and we can expect a sizeable increase when the final BARB figures are released next week. Unlike the overnights, the final figures also count those who recorded the show and watched it later, making them a more accurate measure of how many were watching.

Obviously this doesn’t take into account the cinema screenings either.

Previous Doctor debuts from the revival:

  • Rose – 9.9 million (overnight)
  • The Christmas Invasion 9.4 million (overnight)
  • The Eleventh Hour – 8.0 million (overnight)

UPDATE: Deep Breath had an AI score of 82.

(The Audience Appreciation Index (AI) is a score out of 100 which is used as an indicator of the public’s appreciation for a show.)

UPDATE 2: The BARB final figure for the episode is 9.17 million.