Coleman on Clara and Danny in Series 8

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clara-and-danny-series-8With romance off limits for Capaldi’s Doctor, Jenna Coleman has spoken about Clara’s relationship with new recurring character Danny (Samuel Anderson) in Series 8.

Coleman told the BBC: “Clara meets a man called Danny Pink – a teacher – who’s charming and lovely. He’s that perfect boyfriend really and is very supportive, but he doesn’t know anything about this double life she lives. She tries to hide it from him whilst at the same time falling in love. She becomes very torn between the two. It’s almost as if she’s having an affair, without having an affair, but the lying becomes more and more. Basically she’s trying to manage the two, and have these two men in her life. It becomes quite a hurtful thing and quite a hard thing for her because she’s totally torn between the two, and trying to have both at once without being able to do it successfully.

On working with Samuel Anderson she said: “It’s been great. He’s a dream. I think he’s going to be really popular in the show. He’s very laid back, very cool and collected, and he plays the trumpet in-between takes as well on set! He’s lovely. I do feel sorry for his character though, as he’s got this girlfriend who is completely stressed every time she appears after coming back from being with the Doctor.”