Ben Wheatley For Doctor Who Series 8 [Update]

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Ben-Wheatley-Doctor-Who-Series-8It appears that British director Ben Wheatley will be working on an episode of Series 8 next year.

A retweet earlier today from Empire Magazine said: “Exterminate List… Just overheard in the office: Ben Wheatley to direct upcoming episode of Dr. Who.”

The director is best known for his critically-acclaimed films ‘Down Terrace,’ ‘Kill List,’ ‘Sightseers,’ and this year’s ‘A Field in England.’

Wheatley is a fan of the show remarking in an interview with Uncut that he found Tom Baker’s era particularly creepy:

“All the Doctor Who stuff is really scary around that period. I’ve been re-watching a lot of the Tom Baker stuff with my son, and it’s so spooky. They’re actually shooting on location in nuclear power stations, running around inside these reactors… I’m ready to be proved wrong by legions of Whovians, but it certainly looks like it to me, it looks dangerous wherever they are. I was watching Genesis Of The Daleks this morning. It’s so moody!”

UPDATE: Wheatley has confirmed to Screendaily that he will be directing the first two episodes of Series 8. The article states that filming takes place over December and January, with an Autumn 2014 broadcast.

“I am very excited and honoured to be asked to direct the first two episodes of the new series of Doctor Who. I’ve been a fan since childhood (Tom Baker is my Doctor if you are asking) I’ve been watching the current run of Doctor who with my son and have discovered it all over again. The work that has been done is amazing. I’m really looking forward to working with Peter Capaldi and finding out where Steven Moffat is planning to take the new Doctor,” .