BBC Responds to “Can you Hear Me?” Complaints

Last weekend’s episode, “Can You Hear Me?,” caused some controversy for the ending moments where Graham confides to the Doctor about being fearful his cancer will return.

Some fans felt that in the scene the Doctor came across as insensitive and dismissive of Graham’s concerns.

The BBC complaints department stated in reponse (via): “We never set out to upset our viewers with what we show and this episode tackled some sensitive themes. The episode used dreams and nightmares to explore the inner lives of the companions. Thanks to Zellin’s nightmare powers, Ryan, Yaz, and Graham were forced to confront their worst fears, many of which relate to the way traveling with the Doctor has changed their lives.

“When Graham opened up to the Doctor about his fear of his cancer returning her response was never meant to be dismissive. The Doctor’s friend was scared, and we see her struggling to deal with the severity of the situation. The intention of the scene was to acknowledge how hard it can be to deal with conversations on this subject matter. When faced with these situations, people don’t always have the right words to say at the right time, and this can often lead to feelings of guilt. By showing the Doctor struggling to find the right words, the intention was to sympathise with all those who may have found themselves in a similar position.

“We hope this has helped to address your concerns, but please be assured your feedback has been raised with the programme’s Executive Producer.”