Anderson on Doctor & Danny “Friction”

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clara-and-danny-series-8Samuel Anderson has said that fans can expect a bit of “friction” between the Doctor and Danny.

Anderson told Hero Complex: “There’s a bit of friction that arises between Danny and the Doctor midway through the season. And [Danny’s knowledge of math] is a tool for that friction.”

He adds that the pair will also disagree about Clara, and who has her best interests at heart.

“Danny is an ex-soldier and he’s an ex-soldier for a reason. The Doctor isn’t sure about that when they first meet… He’s a bit of an opposite to the Doctor. The military training is there when it’s needed.”

In another recent interview Anderson said: “Before joining the school, he was a soldier in the British army. But he left, for reasons that will be revealed throughout the season. He’s an everyday sort of man, which I think is neat, especially pitched against such a massive hero as the Doctor. He’s sort of a straight man.”

“I would say I become a companion for the companion.”