Pertwee Teases Scene Featuring Classic Doctors

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Sean Pertwee, son of the legendary Jon Pertwee, wrote an intriguing message on his Twitter account earlier today.

sean-pertwee-doctors-tweet-2013Pertwee tweeted: “Interesting…” and attached a picture of a call sheet for a scene that contains the names of four classic Doctor actors who appear to be playing themselves.

Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann are listed, alongside Sean Pertwee and Olivia Colman (her surname incorrectly spelt on the sheet.)

We can also see that the scene in question takes place in an airport lounge and has “Sylvester rehearsing his call to Steven”.

The tweet was later deleted.

So the question is, what was this all about? A sketch for next month’s Children in Need? Could this also explain classic Doctors “protesting” their apparent absence from the 50th?