New K9 TV Spin-Off Reportedly in the Works

The K9 film may have been endlessly delayed (we first reported on it way back in 2015), but if the latest rumours are to believed, the Doctor’s metal mutt will soon be returning to TV.

The Mirror says a new children’s series is on the way (though like previous K9 spin-offs, this would not be a BBC production).

Their online report states:

Doctor Who’s robot dog K9 is set for a comeback in a new TV series for children.

The much-loved metal mutt, who first appeared in 1977 alongside fourth Doctor Tom Baker, will be the “standalone hero” in a major new project.

The series will see a re-designed K9, who appears to be a bit battle damaged, taking part in a space war.

A source revealed: “He’s going to look more industrial and be covered in rivets.”

They conclude:

Two companies are bidding for the latest spin-off, which will be produced in the UK.

Unless it is picked up for broadcast by the BBC, it is unlikely that any Doctor Who references will be permitted.

This report appears to have validity as late last year the official K9 Facebook page wrote that a TV partnership was in place. They said at the time:

We are excited to at last now be able to tell you that there is a major project in the pipeline to bring K9 back as the standalone hero that he deserves to be.

We have entered into a partnership with a major US/UK company and are currently now developing a new multi million dollar series/s which will establish the K9 “brand” prior to the release of the feature film.

They also added that classic Doctor Who foes Omega and the Axtons could play a part, alongside lots of new monsters.