Series 10 Filming July, Will Be Mostly One-Parters


DWM has stated that filming on Series 10 of Doctor Who will not begin until July.

Additionally Steven Moffat has revealed that, in contrast to last year, the 2017 run will mostly comprise single part stories.

Moffat says in the new issue: “We’re going back to more singles. Two-parters worked brilliantly last year, but somehow, with the new companion, you want the simpler version of the show. By last year, the Doctor and Clara had been there for so long, it was a complicated relationship by then, so we needed the bigger stories.

“Next year will have some two-parters, but it will be back to one-parters mostly.”

As for the amount of episodes Moffat himself is writing: “Four, and whatever else I have to do, as ever. I’m just getting down to the first episode. I’ll probably write the final three episodes, too.”

He adds: “We’ve got some very strong scripts in from other writers.”