Moffat “Revving up” for 50th Anniversary

The following video interview with Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish is almost entirely about their work on the new Tintin movie. But there are a couple of Doctor Who mentions. Co-writer Wright says that Steven Moffat’s work on Doctor Who, specifically The Empty Child, got him the gig on Tintin.

At the very end the interviewer asks about plans for the 50th Anniversary. Moffat, as usual, doesn’t say much except: “We’re revving up for it. We know what we want to do and I’m not telling you what it is!”

Be careful there Moffat, you might give the whole plot away!

The video got us thinking, though, might Edgar Wright have discussed working on Doctor Who again with Moffat?

Last year, Wright showed keen interest when he said: “The last time I saw Steven, he said ‘Any time you want to do a Doctor Who, just shout’ and I said ‘Maybe I will’.

“I was a huge Doctor Who nerd as a kid, to the point where I dressed up as Peter Davison’s Doctor. I got offered to direct one of them when Russell T Davies was doing it, during the Christopher Eccleston series, and I wasn’t really available to do it.”