McGann Doubtful on Return, Spin-off

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peter-capaldi-paul-mcgann-doctorsPaul McGann has said that even though he is still willing to reprise his role as the 8th Doctor, he thinks that it’s unlikely it’ll ever happen.

Speaking to Flicks and the City, he said: “We’ve got a new Doctor now. Capaldi’s begun his tenure and he could be there for 10 years or more. Peter should be given a clear run without any talk of me or anybody else.

“I’ll probably never come back but if I did I wouldn’t mind at all if it was like the last time. Five minutes every 15 years or something, I come in and steal the glory.”

He adds: “If I did come back it would have to be to fulfil a function. Otherwise it would just be a novelty thing. “

On a potential spin-off he said: “I think it’s wishful thinking. Again, Capaldi is the reality. He’s doing his thing and we’re into the modern era now.

“I don’t see why it should happen. Not unless the story and ongoing mythology deserves it. I’m not expecting anything.”