Into the Dalek – 12 Hints & Teasers

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With just 12 hours to go here are Doctor Who TV’s 12 cryptic hints and teasers for Into The Dalek.

into the dalek pic batch a (6)

  • Opening line: “Aristotle! Come in, this is Wasp Delta, do you hear me?!”
  • “Into darkness” isn’t the only Star Trek nod
  • A solitary tear hints at a haunted past
  • It needs protein too
  • A star
  • 1409122102151207151421131309
  • Skaro is mentioned
  • A scene from Journey’s End is glimpsed
  • A suspicious tea is offered, but this time it’s not from a Dalek
  • “We’re at the heart of the Dalek”
  • BONUS #1: show
  • BONUS #2: show