Colin Baker on 50th: “None of us have been deemed worthy”

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colin-baker-profile Colin Baker appears to be a little disappointed about not being invited back for the 50th anniversary special.

Speaking to Attractions Magazine about if he had any involvement,he said: “If I told you my lips were sealed, you’d know that I was in it, but my lips are not sealed and I’m not in it.”

He adds: “I can say that Peter isn’t because I’ve seen him recently. And I can tell you that Sylvester isn’t, and neither is Paul. So none of us have been deemed worthy of inclusion in a programme that celebrates 50 years of a British television programme, of which I was in it for three. But no, we are surplus baggage.”

Baker also talks about Capaldi’s casting: “He’s an actor who I’ve admired for years. And he’s a grown-up! Not like these 12-year-olds we’ve had lately!”

See the full interview below.