Capaldi Would Happily Make More Episodes Each Year

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capaldi-new-sonic-shootPeter Capaldi has said he would happily make more episodes of Doctor Who each year, if he was allowed.

Speaking in the new issue of DWM (#494), he states: “I’m shocked at the speed at which it’s going. I’ve done 26 episodes already, and I don’t know how that happened.

“I’m amazed that people ask me all the time, when I am going? It makes you feel very unwelcome! ‘Please, when are you leaving?’ Or…someone said this morning, ‘You’re only doing six episodes next year because you’re too tired?’ I don’t know where they’ve made this stuff up from. Six episodes?! That’s not what I’m contracted to do.

“And I would do 20 episodes if they let me. I could do Doctor Who all the year round, quite happily.”