Ben Miller Would Love To Play the Doctor

Not the Master!

Actor Ben Miller may already be appearing as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Doctor Who this weekend, but that hasn’t stopped him expressing interest in playing the Doctor himself.

Speaking to Metro he said: ”I would love to but that’s about as likely as time travel! Anyone who said no would either be lying or mad – it would be like saying no to playing 007.”

Talking about his role as the Sheriff in Robot of Sherwood: ”This time I’m bad, I’m breaking bad. Mark Gatiss has written a proper villain. My Sheriff is so much fun to play – no holding back with him.”

Talking about his experience working on the show: ”It makes you proud to think our TV industry is capable of making something like that . Despite the size of it, when you’re on set it feels very intimate. You feel at home, you could be shooting with some mates.

”It’s not a show where you don’t see the stars except for their takes – Peter and Jenna are on set the whole time. ”