10 Teasers for The Doctor Falls

Clint Hassell brings you the first 10 hints and teasers for the twelfth episode of Doctor Who Series 10.

  • 1. My favorite part of “The Doctor Falls” was that I got to see it without being spoiled by someone’s overly detailed pre-release review, thus preserving the episode’s little surprises. To explain: one of my absolute favorite moments in Who canon is the reappearance of Rose Tyler at the end of “Partners in Crime.” I still get chills seeing it, because I always remember my shock as I watched the episode the first time. If someone had told me, “There’s a Rose cameo,” the effect wouldn’t have been the same. So, before someone tells you the equivalent of, “There’s a Rose cameo,” and ruins something really cool about “The Doctor Falls,” consider avoiding any site that spoiled details of last week’s episode.
  • 2. During the episode, there are moments that:
    – caused me to cheer, “YES!,” outloud,
    – put a lump in my throat,
    – audibly gasp and cover my mouth,
    – almost come out of my seat, as I double-fist-pumped the air, in excitement,
    – tear up.
  • 3. We find out what’s on Floor 507, and why nothing from below has ever returned. Something there reminded me of “Human Nature”/“The Family of Blood.”
  • 4. I predict that the absolute final shot of the pre-credits teaser will become iconic. I guarantee we’ll see tons of fan art recreating it.
  • 5. Some important background: The song that Missy and the Master are dancing to is called “Midnight, the Stars and You.”
  • 6. “How many times have you died?”
  • 7. “‘1’ to a ‘2.’”
  • 8. Nardole has been “useful.”
  • 9. Some important background: At one point, the State of Texas (where I live!), in the United States, was part of Mexico. In late 1835, wanting freedom from Mexico, Texas settlers drove all of the Mexican soldiers from the area. Around 100 Texian soldiers were garrisoned at the Alamo, a Spanish mission, to protect the small local population. In early 1836, Mexican President Santa Anna led 1,800 troops in an assault on the Alamo, killing virtually everyone inside – – including women, children, servants, and non-military personnel. Santa Anna’s cruelty during the battle inspired many Texians and adventurers from the United States to join the Texian Army. Buoyed by the battle cry, “Remember the Alamo!” that army defeated the Mexican forces less than two months later, forming the country of Texas (which later joined the United States). Today, “Remember the Alamo!” is still a familiar phrase that means, “Fight for what you believe in, even in the face of certain death.”
  • 10. We see a lot of Pearl Mackie, but none of Bill as a human.